Odsesovalna enota F-40

Odsesovalna enota F-40
Proizvajalec: SIVAC - EST
Šifra: 09.837
Razpoložljivost: Na voljo
Cena: 11.968,20€
Brez DDV: 9.810,00€
   - ALI -   

Filter unit:                                          

- housing structure of sandwich panel with conductive internal coating                                                            

- inlet air entry with inspection opening                                              

- integrated impact separator, coarser particles will be pre-separated                                 

  for a low dust concentration and long service life of the cartridges                                                    

- long life filter cartridges dust class M (oil and waterless compressed air                                                         

  supply with 4-6 bar required)                

- cleaning of filter cartridges by fully automatic pulse-jet cleaning system                                          

- mobile dust collection drawer with a volume of 150 l ,                                              

  two integrated, closeable cartons (volume à 38 l)                                      

  for dust-free discharge of the filtered material